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S-to-S Language Center (S2S) is one of the most prestigious and professional language training centers in Hau Giang. At present, the center focuses on English training with the slogan “Study to Speak”. Therefore, the teaching staff at home and abroad have been selected rigorously through many criteria such as teaching experience, creative spirit, attitude and enthusiastic working style. ..

The curriculum at the Center is designed in a modern way, combining different sources. In addition to the set curriculum set out, the center’s dedicated staff will design the extracurricular sessions in accordance with each topic to help students can learn and practice in real life. . For example, with the Shopping theme, students will be taught theories by teachers in the curriculum and track some videos on the subject to capture some basic vocabulary and sentence patterns. Afterwards, the trainees will be taken to the extracurricular school at the supermarket or shopping center in the city.

Here the class is divided into two groups, the buying and selling groups, and the practitioners will be happy to practice and challenge each other with real situations going on outside of society. This not only helps students understand fast, remember and apply lessons but also help students to be more active and creative in everything. Practice a variety of soft skills useful for later work such as communication skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills.

In addition, after class, students can also participate in English language clubs for more practice. At the clubs, students can participate in game-shows, talks or picnics with foreigners, participate in mini-research or seminars to enhance the ability to reason and present …

With the S2S Language Center in place, parents and students are free to pursue their dreams.

Try and decide!


“Study to Speak – Học để Nói”

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