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Not all English learners can distinguish clearly in the choice of General English – Grammar or Communicative English. That is a fundamental issue and affects the effectiveness of learners’ English. And some students are still confused in choosing between these two programs.

This article will help you understand the two programs as well as make it easier for students to choose the appropriate program.

English communication

A phrase that can be easily encountered anywhere, anytime in today’s society. However, not everyone knows the characteristics of the English Communication classes, what teaching and what role they have for the learner.

Giao tiếp bằng tiếng anh


Some of the characteristics of English Communication can be summarized as follows:

English classes emphasize two skills: Listening and Speaking, as well as grammar, reading and writing skills.
Create an environment for maximum English training through practice. Listen – Talk to the teacher as well as the student.
Serving for communication between people and people such as: study, work, daily communication …
The TOEIC test is the best and most popular English-language assessment available today. This is an English certificate used by universities and colleges in Vietnam to assess students’ English proficiency and gradually become a requirement for graduates.
General English – grammar

We need English communication to carry out our day-to-day communication, as well as in our workplace. In General English – What other grammar does it have and how useful and useful it is to the learner?

hoc ngu phap tieng anh


General English – grammar has some of the following characteristics:

The English program develops four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. This program focuses on the grammatical and vocabulary elements, expressed in the learner’s writing skills: word usage, sentence structure, form, style … and it is very standard Brother.
Students are free to attend grammar classes or self study at home through reference materials.
Serving for activities requiring high levels of English, such as: study, teaching, translation …
English Certificates are used to assess general English knowledge – grammar is TOEFL, IELTS. These are two certificates usually used for those who want to study abroad.
Most Vietnamese learners learn grammar and grammar easily and practically the majority of Vietnamese students have a good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but can not communicate. Good in English. Why? Because they are learning grammar from elementary school, but the environment for reuse is not there. They find it difficult to develop ideas to express when communicating in English. It is also the biggest obstacle when they graduate, find a job and find better opportunities.

hoc tieng anh hieu qua


For these two programs, there is no independent existence that must be done in parallel. To be able to communicate you must have a certain amount of knowledge about grammar. And when you have good grammar, it gives you the ability to use words, set up good sentences, and improve communication skills. And it would be useless if a person has good grammar but can not communicate in English.


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