Advanced 2-level communication (topic and seminar)


The Advanced English Communication course is designed for students who have a good background in English and need to improve their ability to communicate fluently and fluently. Intends to pursue higher goals and broader understanding, for study, career or overseas study interviews. Learn English Intensive English at the following two levels:

You can engage in effective interactions from simple to complex, in-depth conversations. From this level, you have the ability to provide and exploit a variety of information from the opposite person.

You can confidently express your thoughts, views, personalities, have the ability to think, debate, present in English, understand the culture using native words, develop soft skills in communication. work, and study.

Who are the participants of the Advanced English Communication course?
“All those who speak English speak, their need to learn English is to communicate. In particular, there are some specific circumstances that need to use English such as communication with customers, interviews in the company, study abroad – settle or travel abroad ”
University students (preparation for future work).
Employees in the work environment need to use English or want to work in foreign companies with attractive salary.
Those who are going to study abroad, want to communicate fluently and interact with other cultures in the world.
And all those who want to communicate English confident, fluent with native speakers.
If you are in the above group and have a basic background in English, want to improve your fluency level as well as read and write at an advanced level, start this course right away!

What will you gain after the Advanced English Communication course?
Extensible vocabulary, complex sentence structure as well as reflexive speech challenge at deeper, more difficult and longer levels.
Confidently communicate fluently with friends and colleagues internationally, travel abroad, interview job search, translate, translate English documents.
Be prepared to take English language proficiency exams such as TOEIC, IELTS with high scores.
Extend cultural knowledge and social relations when participating in extracurricular activities with foreigners.

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