Basic Level 3 Communication (Face 2 Face 1-3)


Learning English is not difficult, if you happen to read this article, spend some time just reading and reflecting on what the experts have shared to draw more useful experience!
First, determine what your purpose of learning English is.
You want to learn English for communication in everyday life, support at work or prepare to study, live abroad … Each of these purposes will need different methods and content. Therefore, people should not rush to refine the knowledge needed to support the original purpose of the study.

Communication is a combination of Listening and Speaking
This is a way for you to practice listening, speaking and reflecting skills. Listen to English every day, listen as much as possible, break down the time to listen to content easily. If you do not understand, listen again.

You can listen to music by watching movies, listening to music, watching English-language news on Youtube, radio, or HBO, BBC, CNN, etc. Do not be boring, give you more excitement in learning English every day.

When listening to any English, you should pay attention to the pronunciation and the intonation of the character and imitate it repeatedly, so that the tongue accustomed to the sound surface to help you pronounce faster, more standard. If you do not speak English correctly, when you talk, people around you will not understand the problem you are talking about. Therefore, if you want to learn basic English communication, then you must practice pronunciation as native speakers.

Add English vocabulary
You can take advantage of the English listening process each day to learn vocabulary. Do not learn single words, but learn every sentence, every phrase popular today, will help you use easy, know how to put the right sentence.

Always bring a small dictionary to find the meaning when meeting new words and remember to record in a separate notebook to learn every day.

Apply the “learning with practice” method, use the vocabulary you learned in practice such as sending mail, chatting with friends in English, writing short stories, diaries, blogs in English, This methodology will help to learn basic English communication easily, quickly.

Learn English in real life
You should not only learn English for basic communication but also to have a strong, confident speaking ability in English with friends, teachers, and foreigners. Apply what you have learned in practice, which will help you practice, learn more things, remember longer, increase your reflexes and in just a short time, you will be surprised to see the ability to speak. His English improved markedly.

Learning English is not difficult. It is just a repetition of the day and gradually you will form the habit, reflecting naturally when talking. So set a schedule and learn every day to make it a habit, ensuring your ability to communicate in English will improve very quickly.

Take courses at prestigious English language centers
If you have a lot of free time, you can also sign up for an Intensive English course at a reputable English Language Center. There will be native teachers who teach, communicate, correct grammar, grammar, pronunciation, help you answer questions promptly, orienting you to the way you learn best for yourself. , brings the desired result.

Not only in learning the basic English communication but whatever you do in life, if you want to succeed, you must try, persevere, have determination. Just satisfying all of these factors combined with a proper learning method will ensure that only a short time you will achieve worthy results.

Good luck!


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