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As we know to care for children is one of the important tasks not only of nursery education. So far, there are many different forms and methods of child care, such as the innovative approach to childcare and education, or the child-oriented approach to early childhood education. such as the theme “Building a kindergarten for children at the center”; The theme “Life skills” … no matter which way to take care of children in education if only schools and teachers try to work without coordination with families and parents. The education efficiency will not be high.
How do we coordinate, because the propaganda is almost done by teachers, but how to propagate to achieve the effect, science and the important thing is to develop children Every aspect of “German – Christian – American”, new behavior is important and we need to pay attention. Recognizing that importance, I chose the content of propaganda, coordinated with parents to agree on some measures to care for children in science.In the school year 2017 – 2018, I am assigned by the BGH to be in charge of 4 – 5 year olds. In the process of caring and doing, I meet some following advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages: Most of the children are good, fast and orderly in the activities of the class, parents are always interested in supporting and understanding her work in class and child care activities at school. .
Difficulties: The majority of children in the class are boys (20/27 children), so the children are more mischievous than girls, and some parents have not seen the importance of educating children at an age It is not interested in educating the young about the religion as well as the civilized habits of daily life as unknown greetings when coming to class and home …
Based on these facts, I find it extremely practical to communicate with parents about methods and methods of early childhood care and education. Through the care and practical application, I find that the coordination with parents in the care and education of children are very effective, if done well this will:

+ Create the unity between the family and the school about the care and education of children, create an agreement on the content of how to organize the care of children in the classroom as well as in the family, avoid Conflicts about how to care for children between families and the school, facilitating the formation of habits and good personality traits in children.
VD: A very simple way to educate children in the religion is that many children have the habit of speaking empty, not enough in class when she is not actively greeting her, not actively greeting her parents, If prompted, she just said “Hello her”. “Hi,” … No serious and no subject … right from the beginning of the class to the teacher very interested in forging and fixing her speech and greetings enough … but only in the classroom and in front of her she is very But through chatting, my grandmother said that at home she still say empty and not good. It shows that if you want children to have the sense and habit of speaking politically to the elderly, the education of both the family and the school. If there is only education in her class, there is no correction and correctionFor the child in the family, the education will have two sides: the first in the consciousness of the child is not aware of the need to speak politely because the children see the empty classroom will be corrected her and criticized immediately but It is okay to have a comfortable and comfortable kindergarten. Therefore, it is necessary to have a unified way of education between the family and the school so that the child will have proper awareness and development of personality in a comprehensive way. . So to educate children right from the beginning of class I have actively invited parents and young children, remind children to greet parents, teachers, in the afternoon reminded me to greet the teacher, hello parents and grandparents … If I see children progressing I set an example and compliment the child at that moment and during the “Election of the weekend” in class.
Besides, I also collect poems, stories, songs … with the content of teaching to teach children such as songs: “Greetings”, “I love you”, “Flower baby good” …; The poem “Get a toothpick for you”; “Fan to sleep” … through which I educate children about the practice of religion at all times, everywhere and I found great results.To work well with parents from the beginning through parent conferences, I carried out propaganda to parents about the content of the child’s program, agreeing a number care and teaching methods, and guidance to parents on how to care for their children at home.
Collaboration with parents not only helps parents and teachers have a good knowledge of childcare but also helps parents understand more about the work of classroom teachers and teachers. Children’s living conditions and conditions for appropriate education, creating an open, friendly relationship between parents and teachers.
Co-ordinate with parents in the implementation of the child health care program on child care knowledge as well as monitoring the health of children on a regular basis by the growth chart. Coordination with young parents in the implementation of the program of education (young teachers combined with parents help children implement well education programs on each theme, topics)
Example: In order to properly implement the theme “Animal World,” the teacher informs parents about the following content:
– Collecting helps to make old pictures and books related to the topic they are learning. They know the names, characteristics, benefits … of the animals. Children love, care, protect the animals. He or she knows which animal should be close – any aggressive animal does not get close to the animal … so that the parent also grasped some of the knowledge his children need to learn in the subject and always have the coordination. Teach with the teacher to create the best conditions for children to learn and participate in activities.
In addition, I also coordinate with the teachers of the class and coordinate with the school in organizing holidays, festivals …

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