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S-to-S = Study to Speak, Study to Startup, or Study to Succeed?

S-to-S Foreign Language Center (S2S) with a team of enthusiastic teachers and quality training programs will always be the best choice for those who want to "Study to Speak”. Moreover, we also try to train young people not only in foreign language but also in skills in order to make them dare to think, dare to do and try to get their planned targets. We would like to support them to follow the slogan “Study to Startup” and then “Study to Succeed”.

Are you ready to experience the new studying environment
with your friendly teachers and friends?

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose S-to-S Centers

Enthusiastic & experienced teachers
Multiple & quality programs
Innovative & exciting teaching methods
Useful & interesting extracurricular activities
Attractive & continuous promotions
There are buses to pick up students at home

English Courses in S-to-S Foreign Language Center

English for Kids & Teenagers

(Level 1 - 3)

This program for kindergarten children (ages 5 to 6).

Family & Friends
(Level Starter - 6)

This program for elementary school students (6 to 12 years old).

(Level 1-4)

This program is for junior high school students (12 to 15 years old).

Long-term English Courses for Adults

Pronuncation & Intonation

The program is suitable for all learners who want to improve phonetics and intonation skills.

Public Speaking

The program is designed for students who want to develop communication and public speaking skills.

Special Communication

The program is designed for learners according to their specific requirement.

Basic Communication

The program is suitable for students aged 12 years or over, have few basic English vocabulary.

Advanced Communication

The program is compiled for students who have passed the basic communication courses.

Basic Grammar

The program is suitable for junior and senior high school students, preparing for English exams.

(350 - 450)

This program is suitable for people who would like to work in a foreign company or enterprise.

(4.5 - 5.5)

The program is suitable for students who wish to study, work and live in an English-speaking environment.

English for Staffs in Vietnamese Agencies and Enterprises

The program is able to meet all requirements of the staff of Agencies and Enterprises.

Short-term English Courses for Adults

National English Certificates
(A, B, C)

This language test is designed for Vietnamese staffs working in Vietnam.

(A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2)

The program is suitable for high school students, students and employees.


The program is suitable for students and staff.

Study abroad - Why not?

If you ask someone who has been studying abroad, he or she will definitely say that it is a life-changing experience and that is one of the best things they have ever done. You may wonder what are the benefits of living and studying in a foreign country? Yes, there are so many benefits that you should know and try obtain them.

Are you ready to study abroad?


Stories of Success


"My son has studied English in S-to-S for two years. He is currently in FF2 class. My family is relieved to let my children study here. "

Mr. Huynh Thanh Thien

Mr. Huynh Thanh Thien

(Ward 7, Vi Thanh city)

"My friends who have studied English for several years said that S-to-S is the best place to study English in Hau Giang. Therefore, I sent my daughter to study there. Now, I think my friends are totally correct."

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luan

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luan

(Ward 3, Vi Thanh city)

“I have sent my son to many places to study English. However, he only gets the biggest progress when he studies in S-to-S center.”

Mrs. Le Thi Trang

Mrs. Le Thi Trang

(Ward 1, Vi Thanh city)


"S-to-S Foreign Language Center helped me to overcome foreign language barrier and to gain a full scholarship from the Australian Government."

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Vinh

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Vinh

(Thuy Thuy, Hau Giang; Master student in Australia)

"Teachers in S-to-S Center made my dream true. Now, I am a Master student in Korea. Thank my lovely teachers very much!"

Mrs. Tran Nguyen Anh Nhung

Mrs. Tran Nguyen Anh Nhung

(Vi Thanh, Hau Giang; Master student in Korea)

"There are many good teachers at the S-to-S Center. This is really a good place for people who wants to improve their English skills."

Mr. Nguyen Le Gia Thinh

Mr. Nguyen Le Gia Thinh

(Vi Thanh Gifted High School; IELTS 7.5, Excellent student, Olympia candidate 2019)

"When studying at the S-to-S Language Center, I have the opportunity to learn phonetics and intonation in English. I feel more confident and no longer afraid to speak English as before. "

Ms. Phan Nguyen Hoan My

Ms. Phan Nguyen Hoan My

(Vi Thanh Gifted High School; Excellent Student)

"I am making a lot of progress, not only in English, but also in other important soft skills while I am studying IELTS in S-to-S Center.

Ms. Truong Ngoc Bao Tram

Ms. Truong Ngoc Bao Tram

(Le Quy Don Secondary School; IELTS 7.5, Excellent student)

"I have been studying English in the S-to-S Center for almost 2 years. I feel that English is not difficult at all when I study here."

Mr. Nguyen Duong Thai Bao

Mr. Nguyen Duong Thai Bao

(Le Quy Don Secondary School; Excellent Student)


“Nothing is impossible!”

MSc. Tran Quoc Den

MSc. Tran Quoc Den

(PhD student in Germany)

"Success always waits for you as long as you never give up your desire!"

LL.M. Tran Le Thuy

LL.M. Tran Le Thuy

(PhD student in UK)

"If you are a pioneer, you will succeed!"

LL.M. Nguyen Thi Mai Trinh

LL.M. Nguyen Thi Mai Trinh

(A staff of Hau Giang Community College)

Typical activities

Congratulations to the StoS-Family Scholarship Holders in 2019

To enable and inspire students to continue their English study journey, on 17th November 2019, the center has handed in 17 scholarships for 17...

Halloween 2019 is awesome!!!

S-to-S Foreign Language Center always has funny and creative activities for students in Halloween. The year 2019 has no exception. This year, all students...

Introduction of StoS-Family Scholarship

Purpose and meaning The StoS-Family Scholarship is established and operated by a dedicated Coordination Committee with the primary objective of encouraging and supporting English...

Basic Communication: Study English on the football field with foreign teacher


Pronunciation and Intonation for high school students (free course)


Basic Communication: Traditional dishes of countries around the world


Workshop: Sharing experience of working and studying abroad


Meeting: Teachers and Parents discuss about student’s results


Other Utilities


Pick-up Student Service

StoS-Family Scholarship

English Club

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