Junior English Level 2 (KET and PET)


Designed specifically for children between the ages of 13 and 16 to provide a solid foundation for students to pass tests or examinations in the general curriculum as well as to prepare for the training. Academic English later.

Importance of English for Teenagers
Many parents think that they need to learn English but have not really helped their child understand the importance of learning English between the ages of 13 and 16. This mistake easily leads to the child being depressed and not interested in English. To avoid such unwanted situations, parents should help children recognize early:

This is the age in which the child has cognitive changes and becomes more independent in thinking. So learning English for teenagers or high school English with each lesson is an opportunity for them to experience, apply knowledge and skills learned in life.


anh van thieu nien

Young teens easily receive English

Proficiency in English and advanced academic achievement in the school with the English for Young Learners program. Help build strong English proficiency for international English examinations such as TOEFL iBT, IELTS preparation for future plans.
This age balances the development of the brain to help children learn and remember better. Forms the ability to reflect with language when communicating.
Highlights of the English for Young Learners course in English in Vietnam
Understanding the physical, mental and intellectual changes of the child during this period, VAS professionals have developed a program that is both practical and practical to help children develop. The ability to simultaneously and at the same time overcome the shortcomings left on the road to conquer English.

  • Dedicated instructors and appropriate learning methods:
    With a team of experienced Vietnamese and native Vietnamese teachers, VAS is well aware of the needs of each student and is committed to guiding students to achieve their learning goals. At the same time, dedicated teachers are available to supplement their grammar knowledge, helping them to consolidate their knowledge in high school to help them prepare for the best in class.

anh van thieu nien

The exciting atmosphere of Vietnamese English classes in Vietnam

The curriculum is compiled in line with reality:
The whole course will be provided free of charge. Teachers will incorporate support materials and LAB tutorials into the course to help students improve their writing and practice skills.

Modern and complete facilities:
Modern facilities, fully equipped. There is a library of spacious space, quiet and computer room with convenient Internet connection for students to study or look at any time.

anh van thieu nien

Labs in Australia

Evaluate the level and actual learning outcomes:
Each course will be tested multiple times to accurately assess each student’s performance. At the end of the course students are certified by the Vietnamese Language Center. The results of each child’s education will be reported to the parents each month.

English for Young Learners courses in English-Vietnamese
Prior to taking the course, students will take written tests and be interviewed by native speakers to assess the current English level of the student and select the appropriate course.


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