Learners are trained in all skills through extra-curricular activities


ILA English Amazing Race là sự kiện đánh dấu ILA khởi động chương trình Anh văn hè 2017. Ở sân chơi này, người chơi được rèn luyện 6 kỹ năng thiết yếu để đi đến thành công.

1. Kỹ năng giao tiếp

Là một trong những kỹ năng mềm cơ bản nhất. Cứ tưởng tượng hễ chạm mặt với người lạ, nhất là người nước ngoài mà lại thiếu tự tin thì cuộc trò chuyện sẽ chán đến chừng nào. Nhưng đã tham gia English Amazing Race, người chơi buộc phải nói chuyện, phải trao đổi liên tục với đồng đội và cả những người trợ giúp để nhanh chóng giải được mật thư. Tính cởi mở của những “teen chất”, vì thế cũng được phát huy nhanh chóng đấy.

2. Collaborative Skills

Do you dare confidently asserted, I’m a guy, or she knows not? The “English Amazing Race” organized by the ILA English Language Center will connect four British-American-Australia-Switzerland countries in the heart of HCMC. HCM. The mission of the team is to solve each secret at each destination. The knowledge is immeasurable, especially the culture, customary each other. Do you know how the process of making chocolate is, or do you know what the theme song of La La Land is? But maybe, your teammates will know. It is time to “teamwork” – teamwork. Assigning each one a task and utilizing the strength of each team member is a strategy to overcome all challenges.

3. Ability to create

Creativity is a high-level skill. Facing the secret of the secret of the secret, thinking in the usual way will forever make you vicious and tangled like a torch. Instead, try “doing the opposite, thinking differently” is probably a good solution.

4. Critical thinking

The beauty of this “English Amazing Race” program is that players must know when to think creatively, when to think logical and critical. Challenging, with many doubts, critical thinking helps you to think through the matter thoroughly before reaching the final correct answer.

5. Knowledge of technology

With the difficult letter, but the team has used all the teamwork, creative thinking and criticism have not found the answer, then Google smart will be extremely useful at this time. It’s true that “What does not know is Google,” but do not think the search is simple, also select the right keywords, and cross-check on many sites to avoid “wrong” The message is not verified.

6. Ability to self-improvement

Every skill you learn, every knowledge you accumulate, each friendship connected through “English Amazing Race” is how you improve yourself. With the rapid change of society, every young person must be able to adapt and perfect to integrate and succeed.

“English Amazing Race” is ILA’s most exuberant playground ever. But, even when the playground is closed, if you have these six skills in hand, the young people have a relatively grandiose bag to confidently shine to the world. That is also useful knowledge will be in the summer English program 2017 that ILA design feats. Thousands of fun, hundreds of exciting activities will take place from classroom to outdoor, to the famous forests of Vietnam. All, promising to bring teenagers an unprecedented summer, emotional explosion and unforgettable.


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