Steve Jobs’s 7 words can change your career


“I do not return to Apple to make money. When I was 25, I had a $ 100 million fortune. There is no way to spend all that, and I will not use the money to prove my intellect. ” This is one of the “guts” of technology legend that many people have to ponder.

1. “I believe 50% decide a successful entrepreneur or failure is merely on persistence”

Jeff Haden, editor of the magazine, explained that everyone said they wanted to do more. But in fact, no one can do that. Most people think that no one does so, so they do not have to do anything. And they give up. That is why successful people are so rare. And the very things you do more than others will give you the opportunity.

Go early. Late. Do more. Call more phones. Send more emails. More research. Customer support more dedicated.

Do not wait until asked to do so. Do not just tell staff, instruct and work with them.

When doing something, do more if you can, especially if no one else does. That would not be easy. But it makes a difference for you. And over time, that will make you extremely successful.

2. “Things I cherish do not cost a penny. Clearly the most valuable resource we have is the ”

Terms are essentially parameters, but often they are negative. If there are 2 weeks to complete the task, most people will allocate their resources to do so within just two weeks, even if they can finish it sooner.

So forget all the deadlines. Make everything as fast and efficient as possible. Then, use the free time to complete other tasks in the same way.

Ordinary people let time govern themselves. The good man to his will to master time.

3. “The model in my business is the Beatles. The four of them support and balance each other. And the success of the group is always brighter than the success of each member. Business as well: Great achievement is never brought about by a single individual, but it is the collective effort. ”

There will be some employees that make you crazy. There are customers that make you uncomfortable. Some of your friends are selfish and just think for themselves. But do not complain. Because you are the one who chose them to appear in your life.

If people around you are unhappy, it’s not their fault, but your fault. You are the one to make them present in your life.

Think about the type of business you want to work with, the customers you want to serve and the people you want to work with. Then, change the way you do to attract those people. Hardworking people will want to work with hard-working people. Good people will only deal with good people.

Excellent employees will only want to work for the bosses. Be the best you can be, and you’ll always have better people around you.

4. “Sometimes you will make mistakes when creating. It is important to quickly acknowledge it and continue to strive ”

Ask people why they are successful. Their answer would be “me”. Sometimes you can hear the word “we”.

Then ask why they failed. Most of them will blame the situation, as the economy is unstable, the market is not sufficient or the supplier is not up to date. They will say that failure is caused by something else or something else. And so, they will never learn anything from failure.

Sometimes there are things out of control that cause us to fail. But most of the causes come from oneself. That is perfectly normal. Every successful person has failed. And so now they succeed.

Cherish the failures; Take responsibility, learn from them, and make sure you do not make that mistake again.

5. “Work will take up most of your life, and the only way to feel completely satisfied is to do what you think is great. And the only way to do good is to love the work you do. If you have not found a job yet, keep going. Do not stop. It will be time for you to show that you have found it. ”

You do not know what is your passion? No problem. Choose something interesting and beneficial for your finances. A job that one will pay for you to do or provide.

Then work hard, improve your skills, whether it’s creative work, sales or management … all that your expertise requires. Feeling satisfied and full of small successes will give you motivation to continue to work hard and improve your skills.

Then one day you wake up and feel extremely full – because you are doing a great job, a job you have loved.

6. “Creativity distinguishes between the leader and the follower”

The idea of ​​not following action is just regret. Every day, people let their hesitation and indecision prevent them from fulfilling their intentions. Think about some ideas you’ve had, a business, a new career, or just a little extra work.

Think back to how many of your ideas came to fruition, especially when you made the most of it. Can most of your ideas come true?

I guess it is – so learn to trust your judgment, judgment, or even your hunch. Sometimes they may be inaccurate, but if you do not take action, they will always be wrong.

7. “I do not return to Apple to make money. I was fortunate enough to become rich. When I was 25, I had a $ 100 million fortune. I decided not to let that ruin my life. There is no way to spend all that money, and I do not use the money to prove my intellect. ”

Money is very important. It helps you do many things. But after a while, money does not make people happier. According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, “after a $ 75,000 salary a year, earning more will not make you happy or help you escape stress and fatigue.”

As they say, pursuing material will make you feel less happy.

Try to think, you want a bigger home. You need a bigger home. And you buy it. You feel great until you realize that the last big house is just the house.

It is because material only brings temporary happiness. To be happier, do not pursue money. Look for the experience.

Haitong (LinkedIn)

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