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Translation Services – Interpretation at S-TO-S Language Center

Translation Services – Interpretation at S-TO-S Language Center

S-to-S Language Center now has a team of translators with over 5 years of experience that can translate all kinds of documents and documents from 36 languages ​​into Vietnamese and vice versa.

With English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Khmer languages, the center will receive the assignment within 5 working days. Especially, for those types of documents that need English-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-English translations, customers can receive translations within 24 hours.

For non-sealed (or notarized) documents, the translation will be confirmed by the Center’s seal and / or the customer will receive the PDF file by email. For official documents with the seal, Center can deliver the Notary translation at the request of the customer.

Due to the specialized translation team, the Center is confident to ensure the highest quality with the most economical cost for you.

The Center has special discount policies for students of the Center and students who need translation of study abroad.

For Interpreters, the Center now has an English Interpreter with more than 3 years of experience translating conferences and seminars in many different areas.

Some information you should note:

– For notary translation, customers will receive the number of notarization required. Secondly, the fee is notarized (from 10-30% of the first fee).

– The notarized translation must always be in the original (in English) or notarized copy for comparison. When receiving the original documents, the Center will give receipt to customers.

– The more the translated documents, the more the customer fee will be reduced.


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